ProTimes joins web-based time tracking and reporting for you and your team

ProTimes enables you to easily manage your projects of your day-to-day life, work or even university and to quickly record your times you spent on them.

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The perfect solutions for software developers and small teams.


The user interface of ProTimes is focused on your needs. Adding new time entries, creating reports, exporting data and managing your team is as easy as pie.


Focus Time

ProTimes allows you to obtain detailed statistics on your time recordings. Get quick overviews as well as detailed reports of your projects or on all of your team members.


Tool Support

As a manager you can use ProTimes to manage all your projects and team members working on them. The data gets consolidated at the project manager dashboard.


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ProTimes offers a simple and easy to understand user experience for entering your time records for your projects you are working on.


Project Management

Adding new projects in ProTimes for your personal time tracking is as easy as pie. Give it a name and you can start right away. ProTimes also enables you to track your costs based on an hourly rate you set for each project respectively.

Comprehensive Reports

Keep an overview of what is going on with your time availability. Get quick insights as well as detailed reports of your projects or on each of your team members.



Easy Team Management

Not working alone on your projects? Inivite others to do their time recording at ProTimes for your projects and keep the overall view of time and costs.

Restrict Project Access

Keep the control of who of your invited team members is allowed to track time on which projects. Activate and deactivate their project memberships instantly without loosing any data.


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